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3PL - Hub and Spoke System

The ‘Hub and Spoke’ system is a unique tailor-made service that is bespoke to each individual customer’s needs. We combine the services of well-known, trusted International carriers to create One Super Freight Service under one neat account!


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"Hub" = Enterprise Freight.
"Spokes" = Trusted International Forwarders.

This is a very simple but highly effective system. It retains the very best services of the International Forwarders and co-ordinates those services into one ‘Super Freight Service’.  The real beauty of this system is that if any ‘spoke’ deteriorates, It can be replaced effectively, without disrupting the overall system.

This is the system we have been providing over 30 years with our trusted partners. It is extremely strong but highly flexible and it is tailored to meet our customer’s exact needs.

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